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Oh yeah, Livejournal

I've mostly moved away from Livejournal. If you don't have http://www.kellbot.com set up in your RSS reader of choice, you're really missing out. Here are some of the exciting things I now post there instead of here:

The imminent death of my iPod

Vague hints about a new company I'm starting

And my personal favorite Daily bentos. Almost every day I pack Chris an adorable lunch to take to work. It's easy, surprisingly fun, and we're both eating a lot more balanced and well portioned meals than we used to.

I still read LJ, mind you, I just don't post here. I need to figure out if there's a way to sync my blog and LJ, for those of you who are TOO LAZY to use an RSS reader. Hmph.

Quit My Day Job

Today's blog post is "Quit My Day Job"


In case you weren't aware, I have a pubilc blog called kellbot! at www.kellbot.com
Starting last week I am trying to post something every day. Partially to get back into the habit or writing, and partially to keep me accountable for what I'm doing each day.

I promise not all the posts will be about Tinysaur. I've just been doing a lot of t-saur stuff lately.

Here are this weeks entries if you missed them:

The evolution of Tinysaur's packaging over the last few months

A PHP templating system I set up

Recap of the craft show I did Saturday

On promos and samples


My newest wooden Tinysaur display show-off

The joys of entrepeneurship

There's good news and bad news. The good news is that my Tinysaurs will be featured in WIRED UK, a print magazine which is launching April 2. And I'm doing a craft show at the end of this month which will be easy (its in Jersey!) and fun, and Sara and I have applied to two more in April and May.

The bad news is that Tinysaur sales are dead compared to last month, so things are running a little lean (don't worry mom and dad, Chris makes sure I eat well anyway). There's a lot on the horizon, but it's a little dry right now.

In any job, you have some days where you don't get much done, even though you have a lot to do. Those days can be particularly hard to swallow when you're self-employed and it's your own time you're wasting. Today was one of those days.

Days like today really get me down. I have this long list of to-dos but looking at it seems like a moibus strip of tasks which are blocked by other things, which are in turn blocked by other tasks. Its hard to get ahead. I end up reloading Twitter 8000 times as though it is going to magically organize me. Of course it only makes things worse. I fall into this cycle of non-motivation. Everything seems unattainable. And I start procrastinating the little tasks along with the bigger, blocked ones.

Days like today also make me realize that I wouldn't be able to do this without Chris. This being the whole self-employment thing. It's so easy to get discouraged, there seem to be so many barriers. Chris is really good at distracting me from my self-doubt so I can get excited about things and get work done. We're around each other all day most days, and I'd say he's a good influence on me.

Unfortunately for today, Chris is in California Seattle so it's just me and my self doubt, hanging out and hitting 'reload'. And so I'm sitting here whining about how I miss him and thinking "wow this is sort of pathetic, what would I do if he wasn't around?" And after thinking about it for a while, the answer is "something else."

But I really like what I'm doing now, so I hope he sticks around for a while. And I'm not sure if it's because he's done this before or what, but Chris always seems to have a much more optimistic view of the whole "start your own company and run with it" thing. So I'm going to try to work past today and get a fresh start on things tomorrow.

I made a lot of to-do lists.

Edit: Chris is in Seattle, not California. I forget that there is a part of the west coast that is not CA.

I tried to make a tiny city on a ring. It came out OK but I'm still figuring out what scale works with what materials. Also, balsa is useless; never use it for anything.

I have been using a program called QCAD to draw out the designs, and its been kinda frustrating. The documentation for it is terrible. Bre found a guy who does tutorials which has helped a little, but its overall a slow process. In some ways its similar to Rhino, which I learned in college, but the UI is totally different and its annoying. I'm debating whether to reinstall XP on my laptop (it has Ubuntu right now) just so I can use Illustrator instead. Because apparently I have forgotten how much I hate Illustrator.

People have asked me to sell Tinysaurs on Etsy. I'm debating it... I sort of hate selling things on Etsy though. Not because of Etsy, but because its just a pain to ship stuff now that I don't work in a shipping warehouse.

I need to start using / posting this stuff on my public blog but I am too lazy.

Tinysaur army

Its coming...

My life = made of win

Things are generally awesome.

I think it is important that all girls know... when your bra makes a little line on your boob and above it you have breast matter spilling out, bubbling over... that is not "sexy cleavage." That is DoubleBoob, and it means your bra is too small.

Bras are supposed to support your boobs, not mold them into new and exciting shapes. Also, DoubleBoob is not exciting. It is gross.

Day of 8

Taken at 8:08 on 8/8/08

Oh yes, we are the biggest nerds in all of Brooklyn


Woo, my classes at the hackerspace are officially scheduled!

I'm teaching Beginning PHP & DIY circuit board etching. They're on the class list and everything.


Adam brought me a large steel sphere. It's 12" in diamater. Not quite as big as the original plan but... it actually works!

This means that Katamari progress can continue.

Also I accidentally got 100 infrared LEDs instead of 50. Do you know how many wiimote projects I can do with that many LEDs?